The connected suitcase : emergency medicine, disaster medicine

Recommended users : Emergency services, firefighters...

The solution

SMARTMEDICASE is a smart and connected suitcase. It automatically recreates a Wifi network wherever it is to provide real time connexion between the first-responders already on the field (firefighters, paramedics, etc.) and a remote physician located in a  hospital, or any private location.



A multichannel uses all the available networks to recreate a single, global bandwidth, covering up to 98% of the "white areas" 


A wide-angle HD camera allows a 180 ° fixed vision of day and night.

On / Off

A single button> extreme simplicity of use.


A geolocation button is intended to discreetly alert the distant physician in case of difficulty on the field.

The physician can notify the police if necessary.

Handed Camera

A handed camera allows to zoom-in (pupils, small wounds, etc.).

It can also be a mobile phone connected to the WiFi network of the suitcase.


A microphone and a built-in speaker to allow physician and remote parties to communicate verbally, in real time.

Standard Equipment

  1. Someone calls to 911 for help in a medical situation 

  2. Emergency services send a nurse with the SmartMedicase on the field.

  3. He/she examines the patient, under the supervision of the distant physician located at the Hospital

  4. The physician prescribes the medical / medico-technical acts which can be applied immediately by the nurse, or he can also decide to move his patient toward his hospital.

Useful information

  1. More than 4h of battery life

  2. Charging-up time if fully discharged: 7h

  3. Charge on power supply

  4. Transmission radius: 35 meters

  5. Weight : 17 Lb

  6. Automatic reconstruction of bandwidth in the intervention area

  7. Data is automatically transmitted to the data center

  8. All the medical accessories  are automatically connected

  9. It can be used outdoor in any weather conditions

Emergency pathologies managed as part of the collaboration between firefighters and Emergency Services in Dordogne (France)

Chest pain

The patient


He receives optimal medical care without being moved




Emergency services come on the field in case of vital situation only

The paramedic

He/she is reinforced by a distant physician or a specialist.


The community

She benefits from access to medical care despite of the shortage of physicians.

The physician

He can share, in real time, an opinion with a specialized colleague.


The Planet

Reduced road and / or air transport (helicopters)