The connected backpack : planned care

Recommended users   : district nurses

The solution

MEDIBAG is a connected backpack capable of ensuring an audio, video and data connection, in real time, between a district nurse and a distant general physician, a specialist one, or even a remote emergency service.



A multichannel uses all the available networks to recreate a single, global bandwidth, covering up to 98% of the white areas.

Handed Camera

A handed camera allows to zoom-in (pupils, small wounds, etc.). It can also be a mobile phone connected to the WiFi network of the back pack.

On / Off

A single button> extreme simplicity of use.

Audio / Vidéo

A microphone and a built-in speaker to allow physician and remote parties to communicate verbally, in real time.

Storage space

8 Integrated storage compartments dedicated to the medical equipment and materials.


An android pad on which you can install the usual business applications, talk to a doctor (local doctor or doctor from a national medical App)

Standard Equipment

Dans le cadre d'une expérimentation menée sur le terrain par le Dr Lacoste, l'équipe Alrena s'est arrêtée dans la petite ville de Magrie (Occitanie), considérée comme un désert numérique par les équipes soignantes qui s'y rendent ou y exercent.

A peine allumé, le Medibag a automatiquement reconstitué une bande passante permettant la connexion en temps réel avec un médecin distant.


Due to the medical shortage and new directions from the French Ministry of Health, district nurses are now seeing (since january 1, 2020) their missions broaden and their expertise valued.

Now, when they carry out a teleconsultation in real time, they are paid for it.






  1. The nurse goes to a dedicated, equipped, place to carry out teleconsultations.

  2. General or specialist physician wants to conduct teleconsultations with theirs patients > They call on a district nurse who goes to the patient‘s home

  3. During a teleconsultation with a patient, a district nurse needs assistance from a distant physician. She conducts a teleconsultation at her own request (#Teleassistance)

  4. District nurses can carry out massive health screening campaigns with isolated, elderly, or dependent populations (retinopathy, diabetes, vaccination, screening in dedicated places...)

  5. if a new epidemic spreads, district nurses would back up health services to diagnose and supervise the follow-up medical cares and monitoring of patients in quarantine, infected or not.

Use cases

Useful information

  1. More than 4h of battery life

  2. Charging-up time (if fully discharged): 3h

  3. Charge on power supply

  4. Transmission radius: 35 meters

  5. Weight : 11 Lbs

  6. 8 integrated storage compartments

  7. Automatic reconstruction of a bandwidth in the intervention area

  8. Data is automatically transmitted to the data center

  9. All the medical accessories are automatically connected

  10. It can be used outdoor in any weather conditions

Capture d’écran 2020-06-22 à

Pathologies managed on the field thanks to the SMARTMEDIBAG

Specialist physicians teleconsultations (Ophthalmology, cardiology, rheumatology, etc.)

The patient

He receives medical care under the supervision of a physician and without moving




Emergency services come on the field in case of vital situation only

The district nurse

He/she is reinforced by a distant physician or a specialist one. Her/ His profession is enhanced.

The community

She benefits from access to medical care despite of the shortage of physicians.

The Physician

He/She can see and hear, in real time any medical trouble/situation requiring his/her attention.

The Planet

Reduced road and / or air transport (helicopters)

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