The missing communication brick in the implementation of high-performance telemedicine


Connect the field to the distant physician


Each solution is capable of creating a secure WiFi bandwidth independently, wherever it is located, in order to allow audio and video connection, in real time, between a field team (district nurse, paramedic, pharmacist, firefighter, etc.), and a general, specialist or emergency physician, wherever he is located (a nursing home, at his home, in an emergency room, in a medical bus, etc.).



A multichannel make up all ours solutions, allowing them two essential actions:

  1. The addition of the networks available in an intervention area, all operators combined

  2. More, the addition of satellite in remote areas in order to complete cell and wifi coverage if the latter are poor or failing.

Objective : to reconstitute a wifi bandwidth allowing the transmission, in real time, of video, audio and data information.

Why transmit data?


Our solutions are like Wifi boxes to which interconnect, in secure wifi, scalable telemedical devices from different manufacturers:

  • a 12-lead ASPEL ECG,

  • a PHILIPS ECG (TC10),

  • three PHILIPS ultrasound probes from the Lumify range,

  • an I-Stat, blood test device developed by ABBOTT

  • a SANOTEK retinographer 


The results of paraclinical exams carried out in the field using these telemedical devices are transmitted via the self-made wifi bubble, in real time, to the distant physician.


Data is sent to a computer (operating software has to be installed). Even from remote area, the physician sees everything in real time, hears everything and prescribes the medication or medico-technical procedures to follow.


100% secure embedded technology

  1. The confidential medical data flow generated is encrypted...

  2. ... inside a VPN (Virtual private Network), making it 100% secure 

  3. Data transits by an ultra secure server installed in a national data center, approved by national  authorities

  4. Several levels of authorization, according to medical ethics, to access data

  5. Alrena does not store data, it belongs to the user