About us

A team dedicated to health professionals and isolated population

ALRENA TECHNOLOGIES is a MedTech startup founded in 2015 by professionals in healthcare in Networking and Radiocommunications engineers, in response to the increase of medical deserts, and to the non stop spreading of digital deserts which extend over more than 60% in France.


To allow an effective telemedicine, it has to be mobile and connected. To make it mobile and connected, Telecommunication network must be brought everywhere.


ALRENA TECHNOLOGIES make outdoor transmission solutions which allow the medical management of a patient,  wherever he is, and especially where there is no network connexion (“white areas”). (technology used in Dordogne from 2017 to 2020)

Our specialty: the transmission of medical information from telemedicine devices. This transmission takes place, in real time, from one point located anywhere on the field, to several pre-choosen points A, B, C or D located remotely.


Our mission is to provide access to health in remote areas and medical deserts.


We are willing to offer tools allowing a territorial reorganization of emergency services services and planned care.

ALRENA's calling  is to be usefull in the Health sector, but our technology can be used in others sectors as  security services, surveillance, Justice or even the military forces.

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