Connected Ambulance

Medical box set up in vehicles : programmed cares, emergency medicine.

Recommended users : Private ambulance companies, health buses, ambulances manufacturers ...

The solution

The CONNECTED AMBULANCE solution can transform any vehicle into a 100% connected vehicle (care, rescue, surveillance). It is a response to UAS and 1st aid calls from the connected vehicle in the case of inter-hospital transfers.



The multichannel uses all of the available networks to recreate a single global bandwidth from cellular and satellite network (installation of a satellite antenna on the roof of the vehicle)



A wide-angle HD camera (fixed and controlled) allows a perfect vision (zooming-in up to 26 times.)


A microphone and a built-in loudspeaker to allow field and distant contacts to communicate verbally, in real time + a tie-clip microphone if a patient is suffering from voice weakness

Standard Equipment


Four fixed or magnetic antennas on the roof of the vehicle.

On / Off

A single button> extreme simplicity of use.

Examples of use cases
  1. A connected ambulance can be sent on the field instead of Emergency services in order to remove any medical doubt by carrying out a teleconsultation and transmitting the results of para-clinical examinations to Emergency Services.

  2. Connected ambulance and team hire to cordon off specific events (festival, motocross race, rallye football match, political event, concert ...)

  3. Organization of inter-hospital transfers from a small hospital center to a larger one.

Useful information

  1. Unlimited autonomy because it can be charge on power supply in the vehicle

  2. Automatic reconstitution of a bandwidth in the intervention area (addition of satellite when a self-pointing antenna is installed on the roof of the vehicle)

  3. All the medical devices are automatically connected

  4. Data is automatically transmitted to the data center

  5. Transmission radius: 35 meters

  6. Magnetic antennas can be removed very easily in case of vehicle's breakdown

The patient


He/She receives medical care under the supervision of a physician and without moving


Rescue team

Emergency services are reinforced by these connected vehicles capable of responding to requests for intervention.

The paramedic


He/she is reinforced by a distant physician or a specialist. His profession is enhanced.


The community

It benefits from access to medical care despite of the shortage of emergency, general and specialist physicians.

The physician


He/She can see and hear, in real time any medical situation requiring his/her supervision.

The medical community

Using connected ambulances allows to save medical time as well as resources.